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Ice Cream


Our journey of starting a bakery began in 2022 when we were reminiscing over our late Mom-Mom (Rosie) and Pop-Pop (Silvio) Zaccagnini. As the passing of our beloved Mom-Mom was still recent, we were seeking a way to feel near to her. We decided to bake her infamous hot milk sponge cake for the family to enjoy. As we all sat gathered in the kitchen, it brought all of us so much comfort in knowing we had her recipes to keep her spirit alive. Further, it brought us smiles and laughter thinking about our Pop-Pop’s enormous sweet tooth and his love for our Mom-Mom's baking too. Whether he was sneaking a snack in his car, or enjoying a holiday treat with the family, food has always been at the heart (and stomachs) of our loving family. 


We want to keep their spirit and memories alive through sharing their recipes and spreading the love of their food with others, hoping it brings everyone just as much joy and happiness as it does us. 

We’re a multi-generational family baking with recipes from our many generations before us, and it’s our mission to bring love and comfort into the homes of our incredible customers.

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